First Notarization/Commissioning: $40

​Our fees vary depending on what you want done for you. Our services include notarizing your signature or drafting your documents. We notarize properly drafted documents so they do not work against your interest. We charge for every notary seal, stamp and/or signature we place on your document. We charge $40 for the first notarization.

​Subsequent Notarizations of the Same Document: $20

​For subsequent signatures requiring a notary stamp or seal we charge $20. Our fees are very moderate and competitive and we consider volume discount when your notarization exceeds ten notary signatures.

Document Drafting: $55-$250.00 and above.

Our fees for document drafting range from a low of $55 depending again on the complexity of the work to a high of $250.00 and above.

Document Authentication Services ODS: $200

The Ontario Document Services ODS, authenticates and verifies the seal, stamp and signature of notaries’ public in Ontario and commissioners for taking affidavits who have been appointed by the Ministry of the Attorney General. If you are doing business or traveling abroad, you may need proof of authentication for official documents issued in Ontario. Consulates and embassies ask for an ODS certificate to ensure that various documents are valid. We can get your documents authenticated by the ODS at a reasonable price.

HST will be added to all fees quoted.

For more detailed pricing, please call our office.