Our Notary Services Include the Following
  • Draft & Notarize all legal documents
  • Draft Wills & Powers of Attorney for Canadian & International use
  • Certify True Copies of documents with Notarial Certificates
  • Draft & Notarize Contracts and Agreements
  • Certify True Copies of school/college diplomas, certificates & degrees
  • Provide Affidavits of Lost Documents
  • Draft & Notarize Letters of Invitation for Canadian Visitor’s Visa
  • Name Changes
  • Notarize Canadian Passport or Declarations in Lieu of Guarantor forms
  • Prepare and Notarize documents for all Immigration Filings
  • Draft and Notarize Consent to Travel Abroad Documents for Minors
  • Draft and Notarize International Documents for Authentication Services by ODS
  • Perform all REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGE Transactions